What to Wear to a Wedding

Deciding what to wear to your friend’s wedding is indeed a tricky business. You have to dress appropriately to be allowed into the church, but at the same time not well enough to outdo the bride. Wedding are undeniably unique occasions. The groom, bride, as well as the guests regularly spend months, if not longer worrying about what to put on. There are restrictive rules involved. Wedding etiquette is a crucial deal and following those rules can ascertain that everyone is happy and make sure it is a remarkable day for the bride.


For the purposes of this blog, we will rely more on the appropriate attire for the guests. After all, the groom and bride are permitted to wear whatever makes them happy because it is their memorable day. It is up to the invited guests to ascertain it stays that way. Therefore, the following is an overview of the right attire for various types of wedding.

First, you should dress according to when the wedding is going to be held. Wear light clothes if the wedding is going to happen in the morning. The attire, however, should be slightly less formal than what you mostly wear during the weddings that occur in the evening. Men can go for a suit or sports coat while women could select a suit, skirt or even a colorful dress. Floral patterns have been proven to work just well.


If the wedding is going to happen in the evening and no dress code has been specified, men should go for dark suits while women should wear suits, skirts or dresses. You should select elegant and rich fabric clothing because the event is occurring in the evening. Women can even wear ornamental jewelry than they would wear to a morning or afternoon wedding. Besides, the ladies  an team up their dresses with a unique evening bag.

If the wedding invitation says cocktail dresses, you should put on what you would wear to an upscale event.

Men should dress correctly but should avoid wearing tuxedos at all cost. On the other hand, women could opt on chic dresses. For this case, overly and floral patterns are not a perfect idea.
If the invitation says that black tie is exceptional, it means that gents are projected to put on a dark suit or tuxedo. Wearing a tuxedo is optional, and thus a black, charcoal grey or a navy suit would just work as well. Women could go for a shorter cocktail dress or a full-length dress.

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In the present day weddings, wearing black suits and dresses is no longer seen as a taboo. Nonetheless, you should affirm that the attire you put on does not make you look like you are attending a funeral. Instead, you should try to add a splash of color like a blazer or scarf to lighten the impact of the black.

Wearing white to a wedding is typically not a good idea for ladies because they run the risk of overwhelming the bride. Thus, if you plan on wearing white, you should add some color to the outfit to avoid being mistaken with the guest of the day, a bride.