Wedding Fashion for Bridesmaid

The perfect and most fantastic wedding is an event that is desired and remembered by all brides. Selecting the ideal dresses that compliment your personality and theme is a significant part of making your wedding complete. Just as essential as it is for the bride’s dress to be perfect, so should her bridesmaid dresses since they hold a striking appearance that draws the attention of all guests. Simple bride maid dresses that are not extremely decorated but displays a hint of sophistication and elegance with a feminine touch should be what you look for.

When selecting a fashion that is best for your brides, keep in mind that the fashion flatters everybody’s figure like a glove. The following are the latest fashion trends of 2018.

Bell sleeves

If you are tired of putting on those streamlined or sleeveless sleeves, worry no more. The bell sleeve is in the market, and it indeed adds oomph to your bridal dresses and turns the maids into that charming damsel. With vintage bride maids dresses being a hot trend this season, bell sleeves are the ideal choice to imbibe the retro glam in your clothing.


Each girl has that stealthy admiration for bows, which is probably why they are incredibly famous during the wedding seasons. By now, we have seen bows enhancing bridal maid dresses in more than one exceptional way.


Whether as back trails, belts or sleeveless, bows indeed improve the beauty of the bridal wedding dresses. Therefore, avoid concealing your imagination as you experiment with this simple yet thrilling embellishment.


We have been experiencing sidelining and embellished capes rocking the wedding trends for several years now, and it seems that this trend is going to remain here for centuries to come. Capes stunningly compliment all wedding styles, be it vintage bridal maid dresses or contemporary wedding dresses. If you are going to wed during the winter season, you should consider beautifying the wedding dresses of your bride maids with a long cape to keep them styled and warm.


For the ideal silhouette on the bride maids dresses, a delicate corset or boning is a must-have for your wardrobe. Designers have continued illuminating the bridal runway with this common trend as it perfectly blends the boning details with corset skirts and tops.

By bringing back standard bridal maid wedding dresses to the leading edge of bridal fashion, a corset can be regarded as the top preference for bride maids in the coming years.

Jumpsuits and pants

The recent bridal season has witnessed some significant fashion trends that went beyond the cliché bridesmaids’ dresses styles. The designers came with ideas of sustaining the fashion demand of those users who prefer comfort over style. With this, we saw the bridal runway being ushered with contemporary pants and jumpsuits that were nothing less than embroidered wedding dresses.


Amazingly, jackets made a mark in the bridal world this year. Designers showcased embroidered as well as plain jackets topped with fantastic lace wedding skirts and dresses. A unique add-on to your maids’ dresses, jackets can be the real thing this wedding season.