How Much Jewelry Should I Wear?

All of us love jewelry. Apart from accessorizing our look, they also make statements of some status. These pieces of fashion can take an outfit from boring to a sophisticated one. But even though trends are always changing, there are some general jewelry guidelines that’ll always be there.

When it comes to jewelry one of the things to consider is whether you are wearing what is regarded as proper attire. With the right accessories, you will be able to make a fashion statement.

But you have to be careful not to overdo them as you might cheapen the whole look. So how much is too much jewelry? Read our guide to find that out.

How Much Should You Wear?


Many factors influence the choice of your accessories including the occasion and the place. When it comes to jewelry, you should remember it is not a one shoe fits all affair. What may be considered as too much jewelry in one place, on another occasion, it may be seen as too little.

Jewelry for a Party

With these occasions, you are not limited to anything. Almost all pieces are allowed. You can wear your sparkling necklace, clanging bangles and others as well. But don’t forget the rule of thumb: too many pieces steal the attention away from you.

All-time Jewelry

Some accessories are completely fine to wear every day at any time. For instance, the wedding ring for a married couple. A wristwatch is also classified as an everyday accessory for people who prefer not to look at the time from their phones. A piece of simple jewelry can also be worn any day and time.

Formal Event Jewelry

At such events, people showcase their elegance. Therefore, you should wear your best pieces. But even though you may wear almost anything, it is recommended that you go with one piece to complement your look. You may choose earrings or necklaces or bracelets. Wearing too much of accessories to a formal event may distract onlookers from the overall look. Diamonds and pearls are best for an official event. And also, avoid wearing oversized pieces.

Office Jewelry

Choosing pieces of accessories to go to work may be a bit challenging. On one hand, you want to look good, but on the other, you don’t want to attract much attention from your fellow employees. Choose pieces that are not distractive or noisy. Something that shows your personality but not too much to offend other people.


If you work in a conservative office, stud earrings will be enough. In a not so conservative office, you can wear small hoops bought from Miami jewelry. But ensure that they are not sparkling.

Guidelines to Follow When Wearing Jewelry

1. Your accessories should not steal the attention from you and distract your great personality.

2. Avoid wearing too big earrings and necklaces to formal events and in offices.

3. Ensure that your accessories blend with the material you are wearing.

4. Think about what vibe you want to create. If you are going for a traditional vibe, earing with some traditional fabric will be an excellent match.

5. Dress for the occasion. For office, work or class, you should keep your accessories on the low.

Pieces of jewelry are excellent accessories. They can make you stand out if you wear them correctly. However, if you wear too many accessories at once or you wear the wrong kind, you’ll still stand out but not in a good way. So, ensure that you follow the above guidelines when wearing these pieces.