6 Essential Wedding Day Accessories

A wedding is one of the most celebrated life stages and even though it brings happiness to the people involved, it is a complex business with so many items to prepare and purchase. Wedding accessories are very important but in most cases overlooked in the wedding planning process.

It is the smallest details that matter a lot and here is a wedding day accessories checklist you must have during your big day.

Essential wedding day accessories for the bride

1. Bridal veil/Hair accessories

During your wedding day, people will be looking at you from the head to the toes and you must stand out in every way. You can wear your hair down, up or in between but the style you selection must be attractive and the choice of a hair accessory should blend with your choice of style.


Also, choose your veil accurately preferably long before your big day to ensure that you pick the one that will make you the most beautiful bride. If you aren’t sure on which wedding hairstyle will fit you, check this out .

2. Bridal jewelry

There are some obvious bridal accessories you must wear on your wedding day such as a wedding band and engagement ring, but you can have some jewelry to add a touch of class to your big day.

Also, if you want your better half not to get his eyes in you, choose jewelry with utmost precision to enhance your beauty to a new level. For instance, shop for jewelry designed to suit your wedding dress and whether its emeralds, diamonds, or gold, it will make you look gorgeous.

3. Undergarments

During your day, your outward appearance will be doing the talking for you and as you choose the best wedding dress, it is equally important to choose your lingerie wisely.


After selecting your wedding dress, talk to your bridal salon about the undergarments that will look great with your gown. For instance, you can buy a specific type of bra, shapewear, or seamless underwear that will bring the best shape of your gown and at the same time stay invisible.

Essential wedding day accessories for the groom

4. Belt

As the groom, your objective will be to look handsome as you exchange vows with your lovebird. So if you are not considering wearing suspenders, it would be recommendable to have a belt.

If you’ll be wearing black a black suit, a black belt will blend excellently. Alternatively, if you have a tan, gray or blue suit, play with shades of brown and you will be the most handsome man during your big day.

5. Boutonniere


The best way to match the bouquet of your bride is to have a small floral arrangement on your lapel. You can as well talk to your designer to select the best and unique boutonniere that will blend with your outfit, such as succulents, feathers or fall foliage. As a guideline, remember to check your boutonniere before heading down the aisle or before photo shoot as it can fall off-center.

6. Socks

The choice of your socks is equally important as your suit. Socks usually signify formality and therefore, ensure that they match with your outfit. If you are used to bright colored socks, be different during your day and try something that will not look odd on you. For instance, if you choose a black suit and black tie, your socks should also be black.