5 Top Tips To Picking Your Wedding Jewellery

Wedding day is the most memorable day to most of the people. For this reason, everything must be perfect from the jewelry to the ceremony to the gown. Choosing a piece of perfect wedding jewelry can not only make your wedding day more memorable but also a day you can treasure for the rest of your life. The following are 5 top tips for picking your wedding jewelry; you can click here for more tips.

1. It should match your dress

The jewelry you choose at your wedding should match your dress. If you want a traditional wedding you can choose vintage earrings. If you want a modern wedding, you can choose from a huggie-style or chooker embellished diamonds earrings.

2. The bigger, the better


You do not want wedding earrings that are overshadowed by your hair. They should not also be overlooked over your gorgeous hairstyle. You should balance between the two.

3. The Wedding Theme

You should always keep in mind your weeding them when choosing wedding earrings. Your wedding theme should help you determine the type of earrings you want.

You should choose the jewelry that is consistent with your wedding theme. For example, if you are having a very formal classic church wedding, then you will want also to purchase classic looking jewelry. Most likely this would be pearls.

4. The Wedding Dress

The wedding dress and bride are the central focus of attention for the wedding. Hence the jewelry your jewelry and that of our bridesmaid must compliment and not compete with your wedding dress. If your wedding dress is simple or has an open neckline or even a strapless dress, then you want to accent this area with a beautiful necklace.

5. Cut off your dress.

If you choose a strapless dress, you can choose a peal choker or rhinestone. If you choose a V cut, choose a sweetheart necklace or a diamond solitaire. As a general rule of thumb, diamonds go well with sequins or crystals, and pearls tend to complement beading.


Choosing your wedding jewelry should be one of the fun tasks of your wedding planning. Ensure you select jewelry that you can wear on other occasions and your wedding jewels will act as a reminder of your beautiful day.