What is the fashion color for 2019?

Surprising enough, many do not think that color actually moves with trends. There are trends for colors; each year. The color trends are usually predicted a year earlier before so that the world can begin adopting the color if it is actually worth it.

Just like fashion trends, the color of the year affects so many sectors of life from home decor,fast-fashion outfits, runway, etc. This makes the color a critical factor in our lives. Being compared to fashion means that the color may be changed or altered within the year. In some cases, the color of the year may be escorted by other colors.

Pantone is a corporation that mainly outlines the color of the year. They draw their prediction by researching trends related to entertainment, beauty, art collections, and fashion. They analyze these industries and come up with the most appropriate color to suit the trends.

So what is the color for 2019?

The color for 2019 as named by Pantone is living coral. Living coral is a color that is just about appreciating nature. True to the prediction and forecast by Pantone, Living coral is so far running the world. This is evident by the best selling home decor colors and the use of Living coral color by so many models in the world.



So far,n various fashion shows in 2019, living coral is a recurring color by most models. At awards like the past Grammy Awards, some celebrities embraced the living coral color in different ways. It was either through; a living coral dress with a matching porch, living coral heels, living coral trench coats, etc.

This means that designers are already making sales through the living coral color. What makes Living coral the color to use in 2019?


Living coral is a color that is simple and would go with almost all events. From valentines, weddings, birthday parties etc.t would match with so many occasions without really shouting.

2.Love for nature.

The color is drawn from living corals in the sea. This makes the color more about nature. If you are a lover of nature, the living coral is a color that you can fit well with your home decor.

The upholstery and carpet can go well with a blend of the living coral color and auburn red.


The living coral is a color that is easily found. You can obtain living coral materials from different manufacturers all over the world. This explains its affordability in the market. Most importantly, because of the color trending, various manufacturers are burning the candlelight to make sure enough supply is in the market.


To escort Living coral, there are also other colors that were unveiled by Pantone at the beginning of 2019. Some of the colors are; Pressed Rose, Turmeric, Lemon Verbena and Princess blue. They are also trending in 2019 alongside the life affirming-living coral.

Living coral is actually a predecessor of other trending colors in the past. Some of the colors that trended in past years are; Ultraviolet in 2018, Greenery in 2017, Serenity & Rose Quartz in 2016 and Marsala in 2015. Living coral is predicted to make it big later in the year and most probably jump over in 2020.