5 Big Fashion Trends In 2019

While the runways always showcase what is coming in the next fashion, the street display not only the current trends, but the future too. So, if you looking to keep your wardrobe up to date, then the world’s top street stars already have the inspiration that you need. Each season, these stylish fashion conscious ladies debut the latest and greatest looks and summer or spring 2019 is no exception.

From New York to London, every fashion week featured an outstanding outfits worthy looks. Discussed below are some of the fashion trends you should watch out for in 2019.

1. Tight Pleats

Having stolen the show last year, the pleats are back in fashion trends 2019. But this time, they are a whole lot more intricate and appalling. Tighter than before, the micro pleats offer a maximum impact as it generates not only more movement but also in a more fluctuating silhouette as it contacts and expands.


The designs have been sported along the streets already; thus if you area a fun of pleats, then this is you time to stock your wardrobe with some intricate and fashionable tight pleats.

2. Tie Dye

You might be surprised, but hey, the 60s print has made a resurgence once again in the trends. Besides, it seems the tie-dye is truly back in flash. Admittedly, 2019’s take is more hell a lot chicer.

You can make one like Stella with a no holds barred approach or opt for a bold matching piece or probably favor a more subtle beach maxi. You can never go wrong with tie-dye, just pick your right style and rock and roll with it.

3. Bike Shorts with Blazers

Without a doubt, athleisure is one of the stunning trends that keeps gracing the fashion trends, and it latest offering is stylish as expected. Offering a renewed blend of sportswear and tailoring, the bike sorts can be worn with blazers and the look is both refreshing and striking. Although, the outfit might not be fit for office or gym, it is ideal for strutting streets or attending the Sunday brunch with your friends. So, never feel afraid to it for yourself.

4. Animal Instincts

Once again, the animal prints are taking the streets with wild and bold prints. In particular, loud leopard print is becoming a favorite. Besides, during the fashion week, it appeared on different garments including coats, jackets, jungles, dresses, and suits.


In order to get the best out of the chic ladies, you can unleash you own inner jungle cat by choosing a strong and striking design with bright and bold colors. Alternatively, you can consider an allover leopard print with matching separates or jumpsuit. If you are feeling playful, you can add a leopard print on your bag or shoes.

5. Boiler Suits

Out of all the utilitarian designs that appeared on the fashion week, one stood out, the boiler suits. Originally designed as one piece protective garment for manual labor, boiler suits are now more fashionable as they functional. In order to rock yourself, pick a color and cut that best fits you. Besides, you can opt for long-sleeved jumpsuits done in a variety of fantastic styles. You can never go short of choices.