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How to pick the perfect dress?

A well-picked dress can help to highlight your best features and hide the shortages of your figure. Selecting what to wear will become a walk in the park if you stick to a few tips when picking the perfect dress. First, you should know your body type. By first learning and understanding what kind of body structure you have, you will have an easier time selecting the perfect dress. As with fashion, there are various types of cloth that look stunning on the hanger, but after wearing them, they are not suitable for you.

Secondly, start your search early. If you think of purchasing that perfect dress, you should look out for various designs from various online stores or magazines as early as possible. With prior information, you will have a much easier time when you go shopping for that perfect dress. Lastly, you can ask for opinions from family members and friends. Everybody has a friend or family member that always offers an honest opinion. When picking your perfect dress, you can carry these types of individuals with you.

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How to choose a pair of shoes for men

When it comes to selecting men’s shoes, most of them do not know how to select the smart pairs of shoes. In fact, most men are ignorant, and they thus face some difficulties when picking their shoes. If you are a lady who wants to buy your man a pair of shoes or if you are a man who wants to select a pair of shoes, we have essential info for you. First, you should select shoes that are going to match with the pants that you are going to wear. Usually, the pair of shoes should be darker than the pants. Secondly, when picking shoes for your jeans, you can select any color.

Additionally, men should not buy bright shoes to avoid drawing the attention of the crowd. Another thing is that you should be extra cautious regarding the quality of the shoes. Purchasing cheap men’s shoes from unpopular brands does not warrant quality and durability. Therefore, you should select your shoes from the famous shoe brands and stores like us.

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If you have a conversation with friends that love fashion, they will tell you that fall is fast approaching and is quite probably the best time to upgrade the wardrobe. Footwear, for instance, has reached a point where comfort is of ultimate importance, meaning that sneakers are getting tossed out in styles that customers never thought would stick. The following are some types of sneakers that you can wear this fall.



This fall, the objective is to have people take one look at your sneakers and know precisely who designs them. These sneakers possess bold-faced logos that are fitted everywhere from the sole to the laces to the leather.

Sole Purpose-shoes-double_quarter

Sole purpose sneakers

If you are tired of the regular sneakers like us, Net-a-Porter has introduced a trendy, fresh name and identity in the sneaker’s market. With the invention of the ‘sole purpose’ sneaker, we have a more futuristic sneaker that replaces the ugly and chunky sneaker that you are used to.

Sock sneakers

Sock sneakers

We have seen the rise of sock sneakers a few years ago, but during this fall, these sneakers are going to take the world with a storm as well. This fall, these pair of sneakers worn with sweatpants will offer you a unique appearance.

What NOT to wear this winter

When getting dressed, looking as stylish as possible is always at the top of most people list of priorities, but in other situations, functionality is high up in the list. That is, if you don’t want to freeze in the cold winter conditions, you need to wear something that ascertains your warmth. The following are some of the apparel that you cannot wear this winter.

• Avoid cotton sweaters

Instead of wearing the cotton sweaters, you should go for the cashmere or wool. In some situations, you may see cotton as cashmere or wool, but when in extremely cold conditions, you will probably feel the difference.

• Avoid sandals and mules

Instead of wearing sandals, opt for ankle boots and pumps. Unless you are prone to putting on a sock and heel combo, we strongly recommend you to avoid wearing sandals and mules as they will to some extent expose some of your feet parts to the cold conditions.

• Avoid white pants

You should wear leather pants instead of white pants. Between long walks and subway seats, it is advisable to avoid the white pants unless you are spending minimal time outside or just looking at a quick cab ride. The dark leather pants are durable and will give you warmth for a prolonged period.

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